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Trolls 2009 - Exhibition Information

Set in Unique Zempukuji Park, an exhibition of temporary site based art work will invite visitors to consider new viewpoints, and give an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between green and urban environments.

Date 1.11.2009 (Sun) - 22.11 (Sun) The park is open 24 hours
Location Periphery of the upper lake in Zempukuji Park, Tokyo (Suginami Ward, Zempukuji 3-9-10, 167-0041)
Entrance Free

Charbel Ackermann / 2007
lasers & mirrors dimensions variable

Akatsuka Rieko / 2006

Nicky Countts / 2008
A Tower in the Minds of Others

Ishii Takahiro / 2009

Kaihatsu Yoshiaki / 2005

Komatsu Aya / 2003

Kurono Yuichiro / 2008

Tamiko O'Brien & Mark Dunhill / 2007

Maruyama Yoshiko 2008

Sam Stocker / 2009
Without which it could not be

Katrin Paul / 2008
Takashima Ryozo / 2008
Taniyama Kyoco / 2008
Tomita Toshiaki / 2002
Sarah Woodfine / 2008
Event Information 
▼ Art Tour & Open Cafe (organized by Radio Pachi Pachi)
Date: 1.11 (Sun), 15 (Sun), 22 (Sun) Open Cafe 12 - 4pm
Location: Zempukuji Park Service Center (this will also be the meeting place for the art tour)
The art tours will start at 1pm (approx. 2 hours)
Participation is free. Tours will still go ahead in light rain.

▼ Workshops

Toshiaki Tomita - Zempukuji Park & Bad Guided Tour
The artist Toshiaki Tomita who knows nothing about Zempukuji Park will explore together with the participants to make new discoveries in a new kind of guided tour.The results may be very different to expectations, but it is sure to be an enjoybale experience.The results of the tour will be introduced on a website.
Date and Time: Nov 7 (Sat), 14 (Sat), 21 (Sat) 13:30 - 16:30 (for all workshops)
Participant No.:Max.6. Reservation required
Location: Youkobo Art Space, studio B
※Please note the location has changed since the Trolls Exhibition Flier was released.

Takahiro Ishii - Papermaking Workshop
Using fallen leaves from the park, visitors will have the opportunity to experience papermaking.
Date and Time: Nov 8 (Sun) 13:00 - 14:00, 15:00 - 16:00
No reservation is required.
Location: Infront of Zempukuji Park Service Center
※Please note the location has changed since the Trolls Exhibition Flier was released.

Sonoko Miyakawa and Shinobu Kawashima - Happachan Autumn Harvest Festival
Together with the participants we will make model cakes and houses out of fallen leaves and found materials from the park. While decorating these cakes and houses, we will think of stories to go with our creations. Children are welcome!
Date and Time: Nov 8 (Sun), 13:00 - 15:00
Participant No.:12
Place: Youkobo Art Space, studio B (meeting place will be Zempukuji Park Service Center)

All workshops are free. To make a reservation, please contact Youkobo Art Space by email or phone stating your name, telephone no. and workshop preference.
Youkobo Art Space
03 5930 5009

▼ Symposium - Art in Urban Parks (tentative)
Panelists will include an archaeologist, a landscape designer, artists participating in the Trolls exhibition and others
Date:5.11 (Thurs) 5pm onwards
Location:Tokyo University of Agriculture, Setagaya Campus

▼ Exhibition and Open Studio at Youkobo Art Space
Exhibition:Ishii Takahiro
Date:1.11 (Sun) - 22 (Sun) 12 - 7pm
Location:Youkobo Art Space
Artists in Residence, Ferdinand Penker (Austria) and Michele Kong (USA) will be holding open studios. Please refer to the Youkobo website for details: www.youkobo.co.jp

Access Map [PDF]
(Route 1)
NISHI OGIKUBO STATION (JR Chuo, Sobu lines and extended Tozai line) [5 to 10 minute bus ride]
North exit bus stop no.2
Take any bus going to Kami Shakuji station (上石神井駅)or Oizumi Gakuen(大泉学園駅). Buses come about every ten minutes. Get off at the 7th stop - Zempukuji bus stop (善福寺)

(Route 2)
OGIKUBO STATION (JR Chuo, Sobu lines, Marunouchi subway and extended Tozai line)[10 to 20 minute bus ride]
1) North Exit bus stop no. 0
Take any bus going to Kita Ura (北裏) or Musashi Seki station (武蔵関駅) . Get off at Zenpukuji bus stop (善福寺). [5 minutes walk to Zempukuji Park]

2) North Exit bus stop no.1
Take any bus going to Minami Zempukuji (南善福寺). Get off at Zempukuji Koen Mae bus stop (善福寺公園前) The bus stop is directly next to Zempukuji Park

(Route 3)
KAMI SHAKUJI STATION (Seibu Shinjuku line)
15 minutes walk from the South Exit
Information Center
For more information, please contact Youkobo Art Space:
TEL. (03) 5930 5009 FAX (03) 3399 7549 Zenpukuji 3-2-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0041 Email: youkobo@gmail.com

We are looking for volunteers to help with 'Trolls in the Park', an outdoor art exhibition held at Zempukuji Park. Would you like to assist artists with the preparation of the exhibition?
Outline: Assist with preparation and running of the exhibition (reception during the exhibition, patrol of artworks, set-up and take-down of artworks, etc.) Open to everyone with an interest in art, regardless of age or gender.

Enquiries: NPO Nishiogi MachiMEDIA Trolls in the Park Executive committee/office Youkobo Art Space
TEL: 03-5930-5009 FAX: 03-3399-7549 e-mail: info@youkobo.co.jp

Organized by the Trolls Organization Committee
後援: 東京都、杉並区、杉並区教育委員会、杉並区文化協会
協力: 東京農業大学造園科学科、桃井第四小学校、都立善福寺公園、西荻まちメディア、新町商栄会、ラジオぱちぱち、Winbledon College of Art, Center Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of Bristol, Danielle Arnaud Gallery
協賛: 大和日英基金、大英笹川財団、British Council,Arts Council of England,Arts & Humanities Research Council,遊工房アートスペース

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